Christmas trees in Chatsworth House

When is the Chatsworth Christmas Market 2019?

5 Nov 2019 | Chatsworth House

Only a few days to go – the Chatsworth Christmas Market 2019 starts on Friday 15th November and it’s on until 3rd December. The market last year was nothing short of fabulous – I admit to going three times and encouraging my neighbours too. The one drawback, the parking is extremely expensive at £20 per car at the weekends and £10 per car weekdays, there is a reduction after 3pm, so of course, get the bus which luckily stops right outside Sheriff Lodge.

Travelling from Sheriff Lodge in Matlock is a lovely journey through some pretty little villages which gives you even more of a feel for this beautiful part of the country and the Derbyshire Dales.

The approach into Chatsworth Estate is of course spectacular and at dusk and dawn the deer are running which is a real sight to behold. You can of course also visit Chatsworth House during this time, where the Christmas At Chatsworth display will be on, again a wonderful sight of giant Christmas Trees, decorated beautifully. This year’s theme is Phileas Fogg.

Chatsworth Christmas Market stalls outside

December at Chatsworth House

The Chatsworth Christmas Market stalls are set up on the hard standing next to the house and there are about one hundred twinkling houses all with pretty, tempting presents and goods to make your Christmas so exciting and magical.

There is of course mulled wine, burgers, roasting chestnuts, hog roasts and hot chocolate to name a few of the temptations, and that’s before you start on the handmade velvet baubles, fresh door wreaths, small as well as large stockings fillers, luxury soaps of all shapes and sizes, local flavoured gins and exquisite flavoured homemade chocolates.

Music is provided by choirs from the various local churches and societies making the whole experience well worth it and adding to the Christmas atmosphere. Dogs are very welcome and there are plenty of handmade and commercial presents for them too.

As this year the market opens on 15th November, there isn’t long to wait. Anyone would come away from the Chatsworth Christmas Market itching with childish excitement and expectation for the Big Day.

Chatsworth House dressed for Christmas Market

Dog Friendly B&B near Chatsworth House

Sheriff Lodge is a dog friendly B&B and all sizes of dog are welcome. Many times guests have told me that they have been to hotels or any other sort of accommodation and been turned away because their dog is ‘too big’ or ‘more than a foot high’. This is not the case at Sheriff Lodge. There are three dog friendly rooms here at Sheriff Lodge, but call to check availability first. I have never had a problem here with any dog. They are welcome to come to breakfast with you. I will always check with other guests that they are happy for the dogs to be present, if not then breakfast times can be changed. It’s important that everyone is happy and their stay is the best it can possibly be.

The Chatsworth Christmas Market is a great place for dogs too and there are plenty of doggie stalls and places to rest for the dogs. Of course there is the beautiful estate to walk around which they all love. The bus stop is a short walk from the house so they can stretch their legs before the market, where their owners will undoubtedly be stopping to look at all the exciting Christmassy things.

I can’t wait!

Dressed Christmas tree at Chatsworth Christmas Market