Doggie Terms & Conditions

Our Dog-Friendliness now extends to 3 rooms

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We have been a dog-friendly establishment for a number of years now and, the vast majority of visiting dogs and their owners have treated our lovely home with the utmost respect and have helped us maintain the high standard we have achieved since buying Sheriff Lodge in 2001.

We also know that accidents happen and we vastly prefer that you tell us about any accident as soon as you can after the event. That way we can tackle it as soon as possible.

All that said we still ask that you comply with the following T’s & C’s when you bring your dog;

  • Please keep your dog off the bed. If you can’t be sure that this will happen could you please bring a blanket with you that you can cover the bed with. A puppy crate would be even better.
  • Pick up after your dog within our grounds.
  • Keep your dog with you at all times. Dogs are welcome in the Drawing Room at breakfast, but we would ask that you allow us to check with other guests to ensure that they are happy for a dog to join them at breakfast. Such guests are few but we still need to check. If other guests are uncomfortable with dogs at breakfast we would ask that you put your furry friend in your car (or perhaps a puppy crate if you have one)
  • Don’t leave your dog unattended in the room at any time.



…and we took this from another advice site on the web

If your dog’s a full-time barker, leave it at home.

Your desire to bring your dog with you does not trump the comfort of the other guests. If your little terrier has a tendency to scream its head off all the time, it’s not wise to bring it along on your trip. It’s just not fair to the other people who didn’t sign up to sleep down the hall from a howling hound. A few times is fine — I mean, come on, they’re dogs — but if it’s for an extended period of time, you may just have to realize that your dog was not meant to vacation.

You’re responsible for your dog and whatever trouble they cause.

You’re not a rock star. If you are, I’m truly shocked that you’re reading an obscure blog about food and travel. In any case, you can’t just trash your hotel room because there’s somebody whose job it is to clean it up. If your dog has an accident in the room, clean it to the best of your ability and then alert the staff. If your furry pal chews up a cord for a lamp, it’s your responsibility to pay for it. The hotel was nice enough to let you bring your four-legged friend, so the least you can do is make sure it’s a respectful guest.

Bring your own food and don’t share the room service.

A dog’s diet needs to be consistent in order to avoid digestive problems. A hotel stay is no time to start experimenting with different foods and treats. Make sure to pack your dog’s regular food to maintain that consistency on the road. Being in a new environment can be stressful, so maintaining routine as much as possible is a good way to calm down Mr. Puppy Boy. Even if you have the bad habit of giving your fur-friend human food at home, it’s best to keep the room service to yourself. You don’t want to take a chance on your dog getting sick.

Toys, Beds, and the Comforts of Home

Possible poop problems aren’t the only reason to bring your dog’s food from home. Packing up your dog’s bed, toys, and other (literal) creature comforts are a great way to make your pup feel comfortable. Some dogs are happy anywhere you take them while others get finicky if they’re not close to home base. If your dog isn’t as good of a traveler as you are, giving them a sense of home may be just the ticket to having a good hotel experience. 

Make it special.

Remember that this is vacation for Fido, too! Even though you’re trying to create a connection to home with food, toys, and beds, you can still do special things with your dog to really make it feel like vacation. If they’re never allowed on the bed at home, maybe make an exception for a night. If you normally just let them do their business in your backyard, take them for a nice, long walk to explore the new surroundings. Creating a fun environment could be the perfect way to getting your dog to look forward to traveling instead of fearing that it’s just a trip to the vet every time.

Traveling with your dog can be a ton of fun. If you follow these rules, you and your pooch will both come home looking forward to your next adventure together!