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Sheriff Lodge

Kate, a former Nursing Sister (of 25 years standing), Alan, a former Fire Officer (of 29 years standing), bought Sheriff Lodge in 2001 and since then have worked hard to improve every aspect of the service, decor and little extras that have resulted in year on year improvements, to push this little slice of guesthouse luxury into Gold Award Territory, as awarded by the English Tourist Council. We have now moved away from the ratings system that is set out by the ETC and we’ve concentrated our efforts on gaining the best ratings that we can possibly get – reviews from our guests.

…and now more dog-friendly than ever
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You will all be familiar with TripAdvisor and we are always overwhelmed by the reviews that our guests leave there. But don’t forget there are other review sites and you will find a page on our site that is dedicated to those sites – and we don’t leave out Trip Advisor of course:-)

All of our rooms have beds that are seven feet long – The Dray – when zipped and locked together makes a bed that is seven feet long by six feet six inches wide!

We now have a superior room – The Nest. This room has a four-poster bed in it that is 7 feet long and 6 feet wide. We get our beds from a local furniture store – Indigo Furniture – they’ve been going almost as long as we have.

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